Something has to be done. I have always called Hanna 'Hanna Banana' but the other night Jeff noticed that lately she has been looking more like a Hanna Watermelon. She started piling on the pounds within the last year. I don't know her current weight, but last vet visit she was 14, and I know she's heavier now.

I have multiple cats and I think separate feedings would be best, I have been free feeding SD dry, and feeding Hanna, Bo and Isabel canned twice daily. They don't get a lot of canned - one 5.5 oz. can split six ways (three splits twice a day), so I suspect it is dry food & Whiskas Temptations that are doing it.

Bo & Isabel need more - He's 16 and at a good weight (and I want to keep him there) and Izzy is a growing kitten. Abby is round (but she is a rounder cat), and she will not eat anything BUT dry.

So Abby & Hanna are my weight problem cats - Hanna moreso than Abby.

How should I do this? How do people with multiple cats deal with different dietary needs?