I came home tonight and found bloody paw prints on the floor! I wasn't sure where it came from. It looked like mud at first. Then thought my dogs killed a mouse or something...
I discovered my dog Scooby's claw was missing on one foot! One of his toenails looks like it ripped off!!! It's stopped bleeding and he's not touching it or anything. It's also a foot that is part of his paralysis from his stroke.
How serious is this? It isn't bleeding and he's not acting like he is in pain. I just lost my job and can't afford to take him to the vet right now. I've treated it with antiseptic and gave him the last of his antibiotics he's been on for something else.
Anyone think this is too dangerous to treat at home? I've already got bandages and medicine. Do you think it could grow back? Thanks for the help!