My mother has a problem. She lost her job recently, and she's going to have to move back in with her mother. My husband and I will be taking over her house, but we'll be renovating it, leaving it unfit for habitation by anything but wild birds.

My mom has two cats, and a dog. The dog will be going with her.

The problem is the two cats. The first, I'm looking for suggestions on. He's 13 years old, and I couldn't bear to adopt him out. He's a wonderful old man, sweet as he could be. He's my baby, and we'll flip over backwards to make accomodations for his retirement. He's mine, but I left him with mother so he wouldn't have to deal with the trauma of moving to a new home and going from indoor/outdoor to indoor only. He wouldn't have adjusted well to moving, and my mother didn't mind keeping him.

The problem child is Ozzie. He's a spectacular black and white neutered male. He's big, and eats like a horse. The problem is that he has, well, mental problems. He's nervy, and really doesn't care much for men. He is at his happiest when he is left alone. He's definitely got siamese in him, because he has the face shape, and boy can he talk. He needs a quiet home with someone who isn't necessarily looking for a lap-cat. He loves to sleep in bed with you, but he's just not a terribly affectionate cat. If we can't find a home for him, I'm going to try and contact the Humane Society I adopted him from and see if they can place him. The only problem with that is that's three hours away, in Valdosta. Not only that, he's not a very loveable cat, and might languish indefinitely in foster care.

All this is better than the shelter, which I'm afraid will be his ultimate destination if I can't rehome him. If he goes to the shelter, its signing his death warrant, because people who go to the shelter aren't looking for nervy, hissy cats that aren't interested in being touched. I'm seriously needing help in this. Ozzie's a good cat, and I think that before I got him, his previous owners abused him. I just can't handle him, not with two cats of my own, a dog, and about to have to figure out what to do with Tink.

Please, any help that you can give me in this matter would help. You can reply here, or email me at [email protected]