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Thread: A gentle reminder

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    A gentle reminder

    I wasn't sure where or even if I was going to post this but I need to get it out there.

    Today, me and the partner were driving home from the grocery store. Our street has a posted speed limit of 30 MPH with a zone in front of an elementary school that drops to 20 MPH from 8 am to 3pm. As a general rule, we tend to travel around 25 because of the kids and pets in the neighborhood.

    Today, I am so glad we were going slower than the posted limit.

    We were about a block away from our house when suddenly a dog darted out right in front of the car. We ended up hitting her rear end. The dog is OK but had to stay at the E vet overnight for observation (the neighbor was kind enough to stop by and let us know the vet's prognosis). Our car is kind of screwed up and I think the impact noise from busting the headlight gave a few of our older neighbors anxiety but all in all it could have been a LOT worse.

    I am reminded today of two things:

    Take it slow in neighborhoods with a lot of pets/kids. You never know when something is going to distract a cat, dog or even a person into running into the middle of the road. The dog we hit saw a neighbor dog and even though she was "trained" she still ran right into the street.

    If you have pets, keep them indoors and/or on a leash. Not every one obeys speed limits. I've seen people go over 35 on our street even during school hours.

    I'm still shaken up so bad I can't sleep even if I wanted to.

    *Sigh* I feel awful. My partner feels even more awful because he was driving. He's never hit an animal with a vehicle in his life.

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    How scary! I am glad the dog is basically okay, but that must have been terrible for everyone involved!
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    We live in a school zone due to an elementary school in my neighborhood; 15mph during school hours and 25mph otherwise. People FLY through the neighborhood, doesn't matter what time of day it is, and most of these are parents of the children driving to school to pick them up or drop them off!!!!!!


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    Most of the people that speed are parents picking up/dropping off kids. There's a bike lane on both sides and kids skate and bike up and down it all the time. The city had a meeting recently and they are thinking of putting speed bumps in just to make things safer.

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    People fly down my road at 85 with a posted limit of 25. Not much enforcement in the country.

    Sadly living in the country means I have hit animals. I hope the dog is okay and there is not too much damage to the car.
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    Glad to hear the doggie will recover. How scary for both of you (you and partner, I mean). So sorry this happened.
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    Having hit a cat in a work van (worked for a day care and was going to pick up the kids) I know how devastating it can be.
    So glad the dog will be ok. Unfortunately, the cat I hit was not so lucky.
    This happened about 15 years ago and I still can't even stand to think about it.
    Take peace that the dog is going to recover.
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    You must feel just sick in the gut. The doggie will be ok. And bless you and your partner - some people would just have driven away!

    If you haven't yet sent this message to the newspaper and local media, please do so. It may save one or more human or animal life.

    And Cindy - I can't imagine how you felt. It was an accident, not a deliberate.

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