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    ::: Artists :::

    Just wondering: wich are your favourite artists of all times???

    I like artists from the Romanticism cause they show their feelings without following any rules, it's a rejection to all the other movements before.
    One of my favourites is William Turner:

    From this movement I also like Friedrich a lot:

    And Surrealism is my favourite movement. I had to prepare a work for school about it, so I fell in love with it...I like Dali a lot, he was so weird, but definitely a great genious...

    I also love Rene Magritte:
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    I've always love Van Gogh, especially his Irises

    And Degas' Ballerinas

    And Georgia O'Keefe's Flowers

    And Mary Cassat's Mother and children

    There's MUCH more, but these have always been favorites - the above are just examples of the series I love. Not particular favorite images.

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    Robert Bateman, he's amazing.

    Here are a few of my favorites he's done.


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    Salvador Dali is my all-time favorite.
    I've been the the Museum in St. Petersburg numerous times. I love his work so much. It's just so full of many random details yet somehow ties together. It's really hard to really appreciate them from a computer image.
    Some of my favorites...

    I hope no one's offended by this because it's merely art, but I have to say this is probably my most favorite piece of his.

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    I can't remember who it was but I found an artist that only uses dogs with great conformation as models, and her/his paintings are so real. I looove them!
    oh and I love !
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    I have favorite artists in many different areas, too many to list! I love all those mentioned so far, and miss going to museums with Paul, who was always interested in art, too!
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    As this is an old thread, some of the links are broken but here's a good one for Van Gogh -

    And one for Mary Cassat -
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