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Thread: Piccies of my doggers *18 pics*

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    Piccies of my doggers *18 pics*

    i also have pics of barkley,sheeba and ozzy rough housing but i still have to get those off the camera..i'll post them later


    i'm sleepy

    keesha running at the school field

    more in next post

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    and eli begging like a bad boy

    more in next post..

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    look at that drool LOL

    wasnt me

    goofy boy

    thats all

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    OMG! Your dogs are so cute! I LOVE them. I never saw them or anything but they are awesome! Great Pics!!!

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    they're all gorgeous Keesha is really pretty,whats her mix?

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    Your dogs are very cute. Keesha is just gorgeous, you need to share her more often. And Eli is looking as cute as always. Your springer is very cute too, is that Barkley or Sheeba?

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    i dont know what mix keesha is, your guess is as good as mine lol
    barkley is the springer

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    Your pups are adorable, nice pics!

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    Keesha is beautiful. What is she?

    Eli, nice drool. Mickey envys you. I don't think he knows how

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    I dont think I have ever seen pictures of your dogs, they are gorgeaus!!
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