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Thread: Can you start feeding a 6 week old puppy chow already??

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    Can you start feeding a 6 week old puppy chow already??

    I have this puppy that I raised since the mother gave birth. But when the mom did she didn't want her or the other puppy but we only managed to rescue her from her mom but the other one died. But I think she didnt want them because the mom is old, and that was her first liter of puppys. The puppy is six weeks old and I want to know if I can feed her puppy chow or when is the appropriate time to start feeding her solid foods.

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    By "puppy chow' I am guessing you mean kibble of some sort, puppy formula. You can start feeding solid food, but how long has the pup been away from it's mom? Have you been bottle feeding it? The transition should happen gradually, and and hard food (kibble) should be softened with a bit of water during the transition. I am sure others will chime in.

    What is the pup's name? It is too bad the dog mother rejected the pups, but just like humans, not every canine is cut out for motherhood, especially as you said she is old.
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