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  • Yes, my pet sticks with the whole time I am home

    19 90.48%
  • Yes, but my pet only sticks to me during storms or loud scary events

    3 14.29%
  • Yes, my pet only sticks to me when one of us is out of sorts

    1 4.76%
  • No, my pet doesn't cling and just wants "normal" attention time

    2 9.52%
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Thread: Velcro Pets

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    Velcro Pets

    Do you have a Velcro pet? He/She just has to stick with all or most of the time? Or only during storms or scary events?
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    Mr. Spunky sticks to me all the time if I let him. He is especially attentive when it is storming or one of us is out of sorts.

    The others like to sit with me and get some attention, but not constantly.
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    Luigi is the only pet I've ever had (cat) that wants attention on HIS time.

    Mario (cat) and Cassie (pup) will follow me around. Cassie even follows me into the bathroom. Makes bath time for her very easy, since she loves the water.
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    Both Myndi and Sparky are velcro pups - especially Sparky. I can't even walk out the door and walk to the road to get the mail, without both of them sitting and watching me from the front window. And when I have to go out for a couple of hours and someone else is at home, they still watch out the window for me to come back, the whole time.
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    I believe all three of mine are velcro pets, especially after I first come home from college. I'm usually only gone a week or so at a time since I live so close to home, but I swear you'd think I'd been gone for years .
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    Bichons are also called velcro pups. They must be with their human at all times. When I get up and go to the bathroom, all 5 follow; always!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    Bichons are also called velcro pups. They must be with their human at all times. When I get up and go to the bathroom, all 5 follow; always!
    So do my cats. "A little privacy please!" And Spunky even has to sit on my shoulder while I'm working at the computer. (School work)
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    Pearl is my velcro kitty but she is a meezer so this is to be expected. She also has to be with me when I'm in the bathroom. My other cats love it when I'm home and most of them do prefer to be in the same room that I'm in but they aren't as clingy as my Pearly girl.
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    I voted yes. Jake has to be near me or at least have me in his sights at all times. I have had two or three of my furkids 'visit' me in the bathroom at times.
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    I didn't choose an option because none really fit my crew good enough.

    Paizly is not a velcro kitty at all. Only in the mornings when it is just her and I she wants my attention.

    Jax likes to be in the room with someone. Sometimes he likes to sit in our lap while we are on the computer. But he's not a velcro kitty either.

    Zoee usually has to be in the same room as me. If I get up to use the bathroom she will follow me down the hall. When she sees me go into the bathroom she will either follow or lay in the hall and wait for me. She is especially velro-ish if we have made weird noises in the house that she doesn't like. The hissing of a CO tank when Bruce is transferring his beer to a keg. Or even like last night, I was painting my toe nails and used an aerosol can of dryer stuff. She was glued to me all night and just kept whining. There is definitely something "not right" with her.

    Taggart is very independent. But does cling to us when we first get home. He is one of the biggest followers of me when I go to the bathroom. Sometimes I'll have 3 of the animals in the bathroom with me. I have to make the dogs leave cuz they are right in my face! We never close the bathroom door unless we have company over. Oh, and Taggart is a leaner. He will lean into your legs or if you sit on the floor he will be in your lap leaning against your body. Goofy boy.
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    Mine are pretty much always in the same room that I'm in...they don't usually get up right away if I leave the room but they'll all end up in the other room I'm in. I wouldn't call any of them velcro dogs. If I'm sitting on the couch there's always one right in front of me though. Keva is afraid of thunderstorms so if that's happening she'll stick right by me or go hide in her crate. If I'm walking around the yard Skya follows me everywhere (and likes to jump on my back ). If the dogs are all outside most of the time the huskies are at the back of the yard but Killer is always right outside the door wanting in.

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    I voted "all the time". It varies with Cassie, though. Sometimes she is okay with just being in the same room as me, and sometimes she has to be touching me. I must always have her supervision in the bathroom . She doesn't like storms and will hide in the closet or under the bed when there is lightning even if I'm in another room.
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    Both Springen and Molli are very attached and follow us throughout the house. Molli pretty much only follows me around. She's always got to be near me. Sam tries to stay in the same room, but if he's sleeping, he sure isn't going to get out of that comfy spot just to see where you are!


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    Velcro big time! Cupcake and Poptart are with me all day. I can bring my dogs to work with me so I can actually say they are with me 24/7. The only time they are not with me is when they are in their crate. They sleep in a crate together.
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    I voted on two:

    Yes, my pet sticks with the whole time I am home-this is Bon. He is most definitely a velcro dog.

    and then...
    No, my pet doesn't cling and just wants "normal" attention time-this would be the rest of them. They love to be in the same room with me, but don't need to be touched all the time.

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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