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Thread: Is it illegal to...

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    Is it illegal to...

    I just got Lindsey Lohan's new CD and I noticed it said something about it being illegal to copy it.

    I have a question. If I have my own CD's and I want to make one compilation CD on my own, is that OK?

    What if I do that and send it to a few friends? Is that OK?
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    Pretty sure it's safe . . . as long as you don't sell it.

    I mean, who's gonna tell on you?

    You might have a problem copying from it though . . . sometimes they make 'em so you can't copy them . . . not sure how.

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    I think this is along the same lines of not removing the mattress tag. Who's to know you did it. You are the one enjoying it.

    Otherwise.... boy my kids would be in trouble! One of them or their friends gets a new CD and its burned a million times. Ya know... if they made the price of a CD a sane, AFFORDABLE price to start with, nobody would be burning copies to share with friends.

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    I've always been an advocate of them getting thier $$ for the work they do, so I don't want to be a hypocrite with my actions. I agree that as long as I'm not selling it, I guess its OK. It wouldn't be something where I was copying a CD so my friends wouldn't buy it, I want to make a CD with a bunch of different artists on it.

    Hmmm...I think I'm safe. Thanks guys!
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    If the CD is for you, then it is totally legal. However sharing it by giving it to others is illegal. If you buy a CD you are allowed to make copies for yourself but you cannot distrubute them even if you give them for free. However it's not like anyone is going to know if you give a few copies to your friends.

    Sorry to be the one to give you the answer you didn't want to hear But I promise I won't judge you if you send me a copy

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    Thanks, Laura!!
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    You are allowed to make one copy of it for back up use. To copy it they do put copy protection on them. Which there is a download to fix that so you can make a back up. Same goes for dvd's you are allowed to make one copy for back up use only. Again there is a program to take care of the copy protection.

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    Originally posted by NoahsMommy

    Hmmm...I think I'm safe. Thanks guys!
    I'm calling the CD Police.....

    But then again I think it's a crime that Lindsey Lohan is an artist....
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    I think you will be pretty safe to make a couple of copies .

    But then again I think it's a crime that Lindsey Lohan is an artist...
    *Snort* Thanks for that Richard.
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    Dont get me wrong on this, but I have copied my own cds for a while. for my own songs and everything else.
    Why would the market put copial cds on the shelves? Yes its illegal to copy DVDs because theres a code on it where it doesn;t allow you to copy it. I would have friends come over and they want some songs, but I told them, "you buy the CD copies, Ill put the songs on there." Thats why some people would pay money for songs to be copied to CDs. Such as Napster, MSN Music, Yahoo Launch, etc.

    Sometimes I think its silly that people would put copy cds on the market. If the people who make the CD copiables, they should know that its illegal, why are they putting it on the market? Just to make money and everyone else gets in trouble and they dont? Silly huh?

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