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Thread: Happy Gotcha Day Jack!!

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    Happy Gotcha Day Jack!!

    Actually, his gotcha day was yesterday but I didn't get around to posting.

    One year ago (yesterday) my precious boy Jack stole my heart and hopped into my life. Jack had been a stray bun-bun stroling in and out of our yard for about 2 months before we caught him. On April 12th my precious bunny Sadie suddenly passed away. It was a horrible day and I was a wreck. When I found Sadie, Jack was hiding underneath her hutch watching all the comotion. He stayed there for the longest time I wouldn't leave, like he was trying to tell me he wanted to join the family and comfort me. I set out a trap with some food and within seconds he was in it, and we then moved him into Sadie's home. Jack helped so much to ease the pain of Sadie's loss.

    I love my Jacky-boy sooo much! He's the sweetest and most affectionate rabbit I've ever had! Not a day goes by where I don't get a sweet bunny lick from my baby boy. Love you Jacky!!!

    I'll see if I can get some new pics of him later this week.

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    That is an awesome story!! That's so amazing about Jack! It sounds like he's a wonderful bunny! So...HAPPY GOTCHA DAY JACKY-BOY!!! Can't wait to see some piccies of you!!!!!!!

    Thanks Kay!!

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    Happy Gotcha day sweetie
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    Great story about Jack! He must have known you were going to need him. Do you have any pic's you can post of him?

    I've been involved in rabbit rescue work for 7 yrs this month. It's criminal how people just don't think about the consequences of abandoning a domestic rabbit; they do not have the survival skills of wild bunnies so they seldom last very long. You are to be congratulated for stepping in and saving Jack....Good Job!!!
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