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Thread: Mouse vs Hamster

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    I had a hamster and it was a mean devil. It bit and pooped on me non-stop. Also if u do get 1 make sure not to put the cage where u sleep.. they make a ton of noise at night.

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    This was so long ago lol but...

    I'm dealing with this issue right now. I don't want to overdo the pet thing and have more than I can handle.
    I have a dog and a pair of guinea pigs and a goldfish. I'm wanting to add either a syrian hamster or a small group/pair of mice. It's a tough decision.
    I love syrian hamsters. I've had one and he was really sweet I really loved him.
    But I've never owned mice and always thought they were cute and wanted to see how it went.

    I have the option of also getting both. I can get te hamster and put her in the 15 gallon tank and keep some mice in the wire cage BUT if I just chose mice then they'd be able to all go in the 15 gallon tank.
    Having both means extra cage cleaning and more money spent.

    Anyway if anyone reads this please help! What would you suggest?

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