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Thread: Fleas

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    Brewer's Yeast - I swear by it

    I had a horrendous flea infestation 21.5 years ago where I couldn’t bring my newborn home. Had to go to mom’s and “bomb” the house.

    Then a co-worker told me about brewer’s yeast. give 1 tablet for every 10 pounds of dog once a day. You can get them on amazon for $8.88 for 1000 pills. I had 3 dogs and 3 cats (simultaneously) and have just added a puppy. We have NEVER had fleas in 21.5 years. Never. I live in the Northeast and give the pills every day from March 1 until Nov 1 (or first frost). HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this. All 6 of the animals love them – they think they’re treats.

    Brought a rescue puppy home on Saturday–guess what he brought with him? First fleas in 21.5 years. So far, only he has them. You can bathe animals in blue Dawn dish detergent (this is what rescue workers bathe animals in that have been caught in oil slicks). It kills the fleas on contact. Make sure it’s Dawn and not Palmolive or other brand; only Dawn kills them on contact (that I’ve found). I don’t want to put spot treatments on this puppy, so he’s been enjoying his new “treats” every time he goes outside and comes back in. I’ve put the other animals back on the treatment early this year.

    There might be no scientific proof, but over the 11 animals I’ve had in the past 21.5 years, I swear by brewer’s yeast. Matter of fact, just ordered 2 bottles.

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    I wish you the very best of luck. It is great you found what works, fleas horrify the hell outta me!

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    With regards to dog's fleas. There are various treatments that we've encountered. However, don't just rely on anything because it might produce a negative impact if your dog is sensitive to any medicine. In my experience, don't rely too much on a chewable tablet . Have your dog check first by his vet before giving him this type of fleas treatment. One thing more, if he has excessive fleas, I advise that you also treat your surroundings at the same time. Cleanliness could help also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepper#1 View Post
    I need a remidy for flees on my dog. I know there are sprays out there and shampoos. My dog had a bad reaction to a common dog shampoo for fleas march of this year. He nearly died! I dont want to put chemicals on him and need to find a way to protect him from those pesky varmits. Can anyone tell me of a safe nontoxic flea spray that is out on the market???????
    You should really try DoTerra Essential Oil Products.
    I have used Lemongrass and Melaluca in some water and sprayed it on my dogs. It smells great, doesn't irritate the dog and if they lick at it or anything it wont harm them!
    I love it. Ill betcha it would work

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