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Thread: brewers yeast

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    brewers yeast

    A friend of mine just started giving her dog brewers yeast about 2 weeks ago. She got it because she heard it was to help cut down shedding, but she says it has an added bonus--Brittany, one of her labs, always seems a bit depressed, she says Brittany seems happier now, and more full of energy!!

    Does anyone out there have any experience with brewers yeast??
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    The reason her dog seems happier is because yeast is in the vitamin B group, which is the happy vitamin. It's also a high-energy food.

    I don't use it right now, but I plan to when I'm older and have money lol.
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    Star and Cody get a powdered supplement with each meal "Animal Essentials" which includes Brewer's Yeast. I heard the same thing too, Emily re: the shedding and coat benefits. How great that it seems to have perked up Brittany too! It's hard to imagine a "depressed" Lab

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    Here's a site
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