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Thread: Three cheers for Australia!!!

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    Three cheers for Australia!!!

    Australia's new Animal Welfare Act gives the courts the power to impose fines of up to$ 50,000, with a maximum five-year jail sentence, to anyone convicted of animal cruelty.
    The law also bans tail docking and introduces new cruelty offenses for those failing to provide animals with proper food and water, it allows courts to protect animals by seizing them and banning a person found guilty of abuse from owning animals in the future.
    Congratulations to all Pettalkers from "Down Under" for having such an enlightened government!

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    Wonderful! I will cheer that!!
    "Hip-Hip-Hooray!!" for Australia and their new Animal Welfare Act!

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    Way to go!! Three cheers for the Land Down Unda'!
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    Sounds like the Land Down Under has RISEN ABOVE US ALL!

    Congrats to Australia...

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    YAY Australia!!! (adds it to the list of places I'd move to)
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Great news!!!! I've always wanted to go there, now I know why.
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    Such great news!!!!!! I am so happy for all the Aussie pets!

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    More good work from Oz!!!!

    Wooohhooooo - that's wonderful news.....
    Let's cheer for what will be happier, healthier, better cared for pets.......

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    That is so awesome!! Can anyone get the law sent to our Congress and all of us shame them into passing it?

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    It's a great start. Maybe we can talk the government into spending more dollars on animal education and cruelty prevention programs while it's feeling generous This is the sort of stuff that makes me happy to pay tax.

    The country's largest welfare org, the RSPCA, receives not one cent in government funding.
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    Well, at last they are passing a law, now I want to see them actually using it ..........

    I would like to offer my services to the Government ....... PLEASE, send some of those accused of cruelty to me ....... mwahahahahaha
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    OK, I'm all for packing up and moving to Australia. Who's with me???

    But seriously, I'm happy with the tail docking ban. Unfortunatly, out here on the West Coast, it's the "in" thing to do. I think it's horrible bcause their tail is their it would be like chopping half of a leg off of us, then made to do agility tasks.

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