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    My name is Sharon and I have an 11 1/2 yr old Shepard. First of all, he is my love! He has really bad arthritis and I have had him on joint pills for years now. Just recently out of no where, he has not really been able to get up. we took him to the vet on Friday and I was so scared that the Dr. was going to say it is time to put him down. THANK GOD he did not but instead told us about Adequan. Zeus got his 1st shot on Friday and I see a little bit improvement but how long does it normally take to ensure that it is working? He gets a shot 1x a week and there after, it is 1x a month. He has a really hard time getting up and his back legs give out. Zeus is my boy and I am really scared.

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    Aww, can you rig a sling under his belly and help him for now while he build his muscles back up? No idea how long, it my have may factors that depends on, but I hope he starts feeling better soon.
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    I do have a sling for him and thank you!

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    I've seen dramatic improvements after 2 to 3 injections in some dogs in our clinic. The usual dose is twice weekly for four weeks and then once a month. Occasionally, though, we have patients who don't respond at all.
    I hope Zeus will get as much benefit as possible.

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    I sure hope Zeus will improve soon! I am glad you have a sling and take such good care of him, best wishes.


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