Good morning, Nibbler! Happy Pet of the Day!

What a brave, beautiful Ferret girl you are Nibbler! Your photos are beyond heart-melting! I was so touched by your human's love filled tribute to her best furry friend, "the sweetest little thing" to ever enter her life! Even the most ardent of Ferret lovers might have turned away after that first, hard bite, but not your mom! Instead of seeing an unmanageable, unfriendly Ferret, walking away, she saw a frightened soul, a deserving creature simply in need of some unconditional love a truly devoted forever human, and how right she was1

When he first picked her up, she bit him amd she bit him hard. It was at that time that I knew I just had to have her. She was scared and I couldn't leave her there.
All it took was a little time and patience, along with a big helping of love, for you to transform into the sweet, gentle hearted girl we meet here today! How well your mom's commitment has been rewarded, having a loyal and loving best friend in you, Nibbler! Your amazing transformation is testament to healing the power of love!

Great thanks to your mom for sharing you with us today, giving us the pleasure of paying tribute to one extra special and most deserving girl! Hope you enjoy a happy and fun filled day of celebration, sweetheart, sticking like glue to your mom, napping in a soft, warm hat, stashing away the kitties' food, hehe, being treated to all your big heart desires and more! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Nibbler, Pet of the Day, EVERY day! Love to your Ferret siblings, too!

Be still my heart!!!