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Thread: So, MegaMaid would be banned in the EU?

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    So, MegaMaid would be banned in the EU?

    EU ban on powerful vacuum cleaners prompts anger and legal challenge
    Which? tells consumers to buy now as Best Buy cleaners fall foul of EU energy label that prohibits motors above 1,600w

    I'd be asking my legislators in the EU the same thing I ask my representatives here...Don't you have anything better to do?

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    What the heck are they banning them for? Stupid people hurting themselves with a strong vacuum cleaner?

    Recently learned how many millions the countries in the EU have been paying ISIS in exchange for hostages ... why not do something about that instead of worrying about vacuum cleaners?
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    Energy conservation.......completely ignoring the simple reality that dictates if you have to use a lower wattage vac for more time to do the same job, you're not saving anything.

    As to ISIS?

    Methinks we ran into this problem before, IIRC the European countries en masse paid the pirate's prices, and the modern US Navy was born, but that's more a topic for the politics/religion thread!

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    Perhaps they would be happy if folks would go back to using a broom!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomtzu View Post
    Perhaps they would be happy if folks would go back to using a broom!
    Not a bad idea you would save on electricity, not having to buy those filter thingys, & burn calories.
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    Using a broom on a rug is possible, but futile.

    If they were really concerned about limiting energy use, start with something that's used more often, like a microwave, or dishwashers.


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