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Thread: Newest Diet Craze

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    Newest Diet Craze

    It amuses me all the hype about the "Paleo" diet and the "Were cavewomen overweight?" type nonsense. maybe if we lived like they did - spending our days walking, running, hunting and gathering, we could lose weight, but just eating like they did is not going to give modern humans any advantage in weight loss! How gullible do people think we are? Sure vegetable are great, as are proteins, but if you sit at a desk all day instead of working to grow and gather them, it doesn't result in a cave-woman-like physique!
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    Agree! I hate the 'fad' diets. And the paleo is just one more in a long line of them. Sigh.

    Eat healthy, exercise, balance, control, sleep, that is the path to health!

    I've lost 55 pounds, with no fad diet, just eating properly. About 75% of what I eat is now vegetables. I did give up all wheat products but that was due to some other issues I was having and wow did that make an impact! I am at the Y at least 3 and usually 4 times per week, for a one hour work out. And I am walking the dogs -- but hey, that isn't 'work!'
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    Ahhh... there's a sucker born every minute, and one to take his/her money.
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    I have said this before and I will say it again. If a 'fad' diet helps one person lose weight, lose some weight, feel better or more in control of their life, etc., then it works for them.

    Lots of things work for lots of people. Some things work for no one. Weight loss/food addiction is no different than a whole lot of other things, health wise.

    I can't imagine a life style where I could walk my dog for exercise, and hit the gym for an hour/3-4 times a week. That doesn't mean what someone else is doing is 'wrong'. But, it isn't 'right' for me. I haven't had meat for year, years and years. But, I now struggle with my weight. Something I never would think would be an issue.

    So, when you are posting things like, "newest diet craze'? Remember, it just might be the ticket for someone. And, frankly, the health benefits touted by paleo (which I don't follow, btw) aren't exactly junk science.

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    For some folks, the easiest and sure-fire way to lose weight, is to simply sit on their hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomtzu View Post
    For some folks, the easiest and sure-fire way to lose weight, is to simply sit on their hands.
    I don't disagree with you. Pommie.

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    I agree with what Freedom says, but I couldn't do it myself, unless the gym was walking distance. I'm too lazy.

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    In addition to my weight loss surgery I had 6 months of classes and now exercise 6 days a week. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. There is lots of misinformation on weight loss surgery also, lots of people think its the easy way out but trust me it is not, it is a lot of work but I am involved in an online forum and the success is very real.
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