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    Hello Ronja, it's a pleasure to meet you. What a cute little beagle you are--just adorable! I enjoyed reading about you and seeing all the lovely photos. You really are sweet and pretty. To your human, I say no doubt Ronja is your friend and as you get older you'll have more people friends. Meanwhile I'm glad Ronja is there for you. I hope all of you have many good years together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Adorable Ronja!

    Oh my goodness, Ronja! What a darling beagle girl you are! You are kind and playful, and you are a smart huntress too! But best of all, you are a very special friend to your person. I would love to give you some extra petting today and a big hug! Perhaps your person would do that for me Happy, happy Dog of the Day to you, wonderful Ronja!
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    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day.
    You have changed quite a bit since your "puppy" picture.
    Not so much black on your face. What a cute dog you are, and smart.
    Your person will take good care of you, since you are their first dog.
    Have a great day, with extra treats and pats.


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    You're such a pretty girl Ronja!!! We had a beagle at home when I grew up!

    Congrats on being DOTD! I hope today has been a special day for you and your family!

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