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Thread: Rascal is having episodes of shivering

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    Rascal is having episodes of shivering

    Is this normal?

    Three weeks ago he was attacked by a coyote and later (when we realized something was wrong) took him to the vet. He was cleaned up as best as possible, sewn back together. He had no major injuries, one of the muscles in his leg was slightly damaged. That was the worst of the damage. A week later I took him back to the vet and the drain was removed. The following week, back to the vets to have the stitches removed. Well turns out that he had a huge fluid build up (drain was removed too soon), but that was the least of his problem. Turns out a lot of his fatty tissue had actually died. So another surgery to removed all the dead tissue and another drain.

    Here we are 9 days later, he is still draining. He was just on my lap and as I held him, he was quivering from head to toe. He appears to be happy, is eating well, and plays with some of the toys. All this as best he can with a cone on.

    Should I be concerned? or is this just normal in the healing process?

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    A call to the vet's office is in order I think. They can tell you whether he has to come in or not.

    I hope he heals very soon!
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    I agree with Catty1, give them a ring tomorrow and ask their opinion.

    Poor guy sounds like he's been through a lot in the last few weeks, and you guys too!

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    Definitely call the vet. Tell them you want to bring him in, have them take another look at him and see if he's healing as hoped.

    Prayers and good wishes and healing energies to Rascal, and you too.

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    Sorry I didn't get back sooner, thanks for the advice.

    We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and the vet didn't seem too concerned. He made it sound as if it's all part of the healing process.

    And Rascal being the rascal that he is, managed to break his cone. He's been one very happy kitty since...... just don't like that he's chewing on some of his stitches. With all the commotion, it would seem that my three other cats have all accepted him as part of the family. Simba was holding out, but is now playing with Rascal.


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    Prayers from RI for Rascal. Having the other kitties surrounding him in acceptance and play is a good thing.

    I do wonder if he is shaking from pain, or fear. The answer you got from the vet office -- part of the healing process -- suggests it is fear. Poor kitty. Please deliver some chin scritchies from me.
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