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Thread: Breed comfirmation for Kohaku - Tuxedo Lynx Point Siamese?

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    Breed comfirmation for Kohaku - Tuxedo Lynx Point Siamese?


    Based on looking around this forum and others, I think I've nailed down my cat's (Kohaku's) breed as a Tuxedo Lynx Point Siamese. Have I gotten it right?

    He's a pretty big boy as you can see in these pictures:

    And he has been getting progressively darker over his lifetime. He's just turning 6 now, and he's always looking for 5 more minutes of sleep when it's time to wake up:

    I've always thought his pattern to be amazing, and he has wonderful blue eyes to go with it. Here's a few more cute pics of him:

    This picture also has his sister in it. Her name is Sith (but she is called Sith-Chan as she is a girl). She is a black with a single white locket on her lower belly, which she does her best to hide all the time (Edit - now it's the right picture):

    Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Please tell me whether I've guessed his breed right - I've always been looking for what to call him exactly.
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    He looks like a Siamese mix, though he has more than "points" that are tabby ... I'd say a Tabby/Siamese mix, and 100% handsome boy at that!
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    Honestly, what we tell owners in a clinic is that unless you obtained your cat from a breeder and have papers on bloodlines, you have a domestic short/medium/long haired.

    It's fun to play the "guess the breed" game, but chances are VERY likely that you have a DSH that is just a lynx point or a pointed tabby.

    Oh and btw, your kitty looks nearly identical to my Espeon


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    No matter what Kohaku's ancestry is... he's GORGEOUS!!!!!

    His sister Sith-Chan is a beauty, too. And so is Espeon.

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