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Thread: Lynx Point Siamese / Manx mix

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    Lynx Point Siamese / Manx mix

    Does anyone know Where to get this type of mixed breed cat? I used to have a male and would love to get another. They are beautiful cats. Does anyone know if this mixture of breeds has a name.

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    Hi! It is not an official breed name, just a mixed breed. Your best bet would be to look on and type in Manx and your zip code to see who is available near you! I bet there's someone needing a home who will catch your eye! And that way you will giving a needy kitty a home, too! They have shelters, rescue groups and all sorts of people who list in there.

    If that doesn't work, try contacting a Manx rescue group near you. Where do you live?
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    The Lynx point Siamese are beautiful cat. I already have a couple of them. But it is necessary to know about these cat like there personality, there living style. I read this Lynx point siamese cat guide which have some great information


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