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Thread: Just testing

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    Just testing

    I've got a MacBook now (Apple), so I have to learn how to work with it....!
    I hope it is OK to try here if I manage to post a picture now....
    This one is from our trip to Indonesia! If it works, I promise to make a new topic as soon as I am ready with selecting all the pictures I want to keep. I took almost 1500 ....

    Name:  DSCN9104.jpg
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    Wow! Great pictures! I can hardly wait to see the others!

    What are your children up to these days? How are the furkids (hint: PICS! )?

    How are you feeling? I hope your back is all better!
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    How cool! And it worked fine! We are glad to have you back again!
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    Great pictures, Lut. I look forward to see the rest. How cool that you got a Mac!

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