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Thread: Kokopup

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    I'm so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. He was such a nice man.

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    Rest in peace, Bill. You are and will be very missed on Pet Talk.
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    How terrible. Rest in Peace..I always liked his post. He was very informative and smart on tons of subjects, and he was always really kind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    I got a message from his wife, and sadly, she lost Bill , a.k.a. kokopup, a little over a year ago. He had heart trouble, we all knew that, but had surgery, then a series of strokes, and passed away February 19th, 2013. I hope to be able to actually speak to her tomorrow, we missed each other with the actual calls. She thanked us for remembering his birthday.
    I am so sorry to hear this. He was such a nice fellow.
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    Sorry, to read of Bills passing. I sure loved his humor & wonder how his dog Kokopup is doing. Pets losing humans is just as bad as humans losing pets sometimes.
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    RIP Bill.
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    RIP my sweet Kia

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    Saw this news on FB, and came back to this thread.

    RIP Bill, you are missed.

    Must have been a scene at Rainbow Bridge that day, lol. Lots of PT pets knew of Bill.
    Thank you Karen, for fixing my siggy!

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    This is very sad. I remember him well. RIP, Bill.


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