[From Pat, who posts these notices:

If you are interested in learning more about these cats and the King George Animal Rescue League, please PM me to let me know: I get weekly e-mail messages from KGARL with information on all the cats, including photos, and I'll be glad to forward the current one and/or earlier ones on to you.

Thanks, and God bless! ]

As of March 9, 2014, we have 10 Cats/Kittens that need homes, including SOME GREAT MOUSERS THAT NEED GOOD BARN HOMES RIGHT AWAY.

The King George Animal Rescue League (KGARL) is able to help transport animals if you are a rescue group and have your paperwork on file at the King George Animal Control (call 540-775-2120 for details).

Reasonable transport may be provided upon request, but very long distance transports (more than 70 miles) will be your responsibility. KGAC will waive pull fees for 501(c)(3) rescue organizations, and KGARL will help with vaccinations, and transports (~70 miles). Please pass this info onto rescue organizations that you may know who could save them. When doing so, please pass on all information required, including the rules for adopting/pulling from KGAC.


If you can rescue any of these cats or need to know more about any of these animals, please contact Brandi Janezeck at [email protected] or 540-775-2120.

The KGAC facility is located at 11377 Citizens’ Way, King George, VA 22485. KGAC is open 10:00-4:30 Monday thru Friday; 10:00-1:00 Saturday; closed Holidays and Sundays. All pulls must occur during these times.

Thank you!

Jennifer A. Daniels
2014 Vice President
King George Animal Rescue League

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