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Thread: ~Peggy Sue~

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    ~Peggy Sue~

    You're so pretty Peggy Sue!!! What a lucky girl to be in the house!

    Congrats on being POTD! Have a fun day!

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    Peggy Sue

    Wow Peggy Sue, congratulations on being Pet of the Day. You are now an international star.

    Luckily, thanks to Chloe (POTD 4 March 14) I now know what a goat and doe are. You certainly do like your creature comforts. Maybe you were a cat in a past life, as I like to sit on the sofa too! Though I do not sit by the fire as we don't have one we only have room for central heating (it's still nice and warm though).

    You sound lovely and friendly and will make a great mummy.

    Wishing you well.



    COTD 1 March 14

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    Adorable Peggy Sue!

    Hi Peggy Sue! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart! Oh, what an adorable Pygmy doe you are! And talk about being a full fledged member of the family, living the good (indoor) life! Not that you don't pay your way, helping mom with the kitchen chores as you do! How I'd love to cuddle up with you on that comfy couch, in front of that toasty fire, and catch a few shows on Animal Planet! I've met goats who visit indoors, but you're the first one I've met who has taken up full time residence, hehe. You're just precious beyond words, Peggy Sue, and your family so very blessed to have a loving companion, a best 4 legged friend for life, in you! You're the best!!! Thanks for the BIG smiles, Peggy Sue! I hope you're enjoying a warm and comfy day indoors, celebrating your big day in the spotlight to the max, being spoiled rotten! You sure deserve it! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, adorable Peggy Sue!
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    Peggy Sue what an adorable girl you are!!!

    I loved your pictures, specially the first one. I swear I see a happy goat grin on your face!!! I know you certainly gave me a big smile!!! You really know how to get comfy!!! It was such a treat to meet you today. Just what I needed on the cold dreary day here. Please thank your family for sharing you with us.

    Congratulations, sweet Peggy Sue, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Hello Peggy Sue,

    Your name reminds me of the old Buddy Holly song. (Peggy Sue)
    You look so comfortable sitting by the fireside with your little ones.
    Sending big congratulations on being honored as the PET OF THE DAY.
    Hope you enjoy your special day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizbud View Post
    Hello Peggy Sue,

    Your name reminds me of the old Buddy Holly song. (Peggy Sue) .
    Glad I'm not the only one - the song starts playing in my brain whenever I see her face!
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