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Thread: Super bowl ads

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    Super bowl ads


    Personally, the ads were about as exciting as the game this year, a few personal favorites, though:

    V-dub "when an engineer gets their wings" had me laughing.

    Bud reunion

    The Doritos ad with the kid riding the mastiff as a roping horse.

    And, being mainly an '80s child, the Radio Shack commercial.

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    The Budweiser commercial with the dogs and the Clydesdales is my favorite! (Of course ) The Radio Shack '80s commercial was a lot of fun! Weather Tech (automotive floor liners: "You can't do that") is a company here in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. It's been all over local news that they spent $4 million for a Super Bowl commercial - I hope their business succeeds on a huge level starting today. I liked the yogurt commercial with the Full House dads
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    We were watching on DVR, and replayed the Radio Shack ad a couple times to see how many 80s icons we recognized. Normally we FF through the commercials, but the game was so bad we were watching the commercials and FF through the game. As much as I dislike all the hype surrounding the Manning brothers, I hate to see Pete Carrol win. Tired of coaches running away from NCAA violations to the NFL, leaving the school in the lurch with absolutely no repercussions for the coach. (that isn't to say I like the NCAA, but teh rules are the rules, you agree to abide by them when you sign your name on the dotted line.)

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    We were, frankly, disappointed that so many of the ads were for Fox shows - I guess they didn't sell all their overpriced inventory?

    I had seen the engineers and the Clydesdale commercials beforehand online, and never managed to see them during the game, and actively dislike the "compromise is bad" ad with the badly cgi'd Doberwawa cross thing ...

    Did like the bear in the Chobani yogurt ad, but doubt he would have left with just one cup!
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    I liked the time machine Doritos, the 80s RadioShack, Best Buds Budweiser and another one that I can't think of (I'll come back an edit if I think of it).

    I really disliked the doberhuahua ad. Everyone at my house was cracking up so hard and I just sat there shaking my head. I did like the fact that they ended up with a cute little mutt at the end though.

    I also liked the John Stamos yogurt ad, right up until the other two guys joined in. That ruined it for me.
    John Stamos is even more beautiful in person. I've had the pleasure of seeing him a couple of times at a music convention. His eyes are AMAZING!!!
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    Who is Bob Dillon? (just kidding- Dylan).


    WeatherTech products caught my eye about 6 months ago.

    There is a pair of WT floormats in the car and I can't tell you HOW MUCH THAT PRODUCT ROCKS.

    I installed them w/o a problem, they really did fit the car perfectly and in the month they have been in the footwell I haven't had a second thought about tracking any kind of dirt, mud, snow or water into and onto the upholstery.

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    And, for the record, I loved the Coca Cola multi-lingual America the Beautiful commercial! We iz a nation of immigrants, from day 1, folks!
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