Please pass on to someone in the UK if you can. The RSPCA hopes to find who dumped this pup.

They Dumped Their New Doggy In A Bush. The Note They Attached To Him Is Heartbreaking.

January 31, 2014 Stories

On a freezing January night, residents noticed something strange hidden in the bushes in their neighborhood. There was a brand-new dog crate sitting in the frigid cold. And inside? A puppy, thrown in with a doggie bed, supplies and food. Attached to the entire bundle was a note: ďIíll try to do my best to keep you happy. My name is Snoopi.Ē
The puppy was callously abandoned by people who were too selfish to give him proper careÖ or even take the time to drop him off at a shelter.
The RSPCA was furious. They figure the 14 month-old puppy was an unwanted Christmas present that was abandoned once its owners realized they didnít want it.


Many people buy pets and donít realize they are a long-term commitment. Once the novelty wears offÖ they dump them.


They owners thought they were being thoughtful, putting all of Snoopiís items along with him, but the pup could have died in the cold.


What Snoopiís former owners donít realize is that if he stayed out all night in the cold, he could have fell terribly ill or even died from exposure. Thatís not how you show a dog you care for them.
Now, the RSPCA is looking after the puppy, hoping to find him a forever home that wonít cruelly abandon him just because they got bored. People like that deserve their own special kind of punishment. How could someone be so cruel to an innocent puppy?
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