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Thread: Wounds on a dog & Leather Muzzle cleaning tips

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    Wounds on a dog & Leather Muzzle cleaning tips

    I have seen and worked with scabs on dog feet and legs before. I have never dealt with wounds on a dogs face.

    Milo's old muzzle (bought him a new $50 leather one) caused wounds on the top of his muzzle and one of his cheek. Milo tried to get the old muzzle off, which caused the hard plastic to rub and jab the top of his muzzle, which made him paw more at it.

    He has a quarter sized scab on his cheek and the top of his muzzle. The new leather one does not cause any issues, and he doesn't paw at it much.

    I want to know how I can get these 2 scabs to heal nicely without leaving any scarring or perm fur loss. So far all his fur is still there, but I'm so worried it'll leave a terrible mark as his fur is pure white (except is ears).

    These wounds are more of a rug burn/pressure kind of wound, no ripped open skin, and there was only blood if you touched the wound on the top of his muzzle, no drops of blood formed.

    Am I over reacting and it'll be fine, or should I get a cream for it?
    I feel terrible that the muzzle caused this damage.

    Anyone have exp in cleaning a leather muzzle?

    I don't want any infections to set in, as Milo needs to wear this muzzle almost full time. For ppl who do not know him, he has attacked a child (I took ownership of him right after the attack happened), is nasty to strangers, tried to eat our cat, is under house arrest by the Health Department, and we do not trust him 100% with ourselves.

    We do give him some muzzle free time, but its not much as he is so unpredictable right now. On his good days, he gets several hours of muzzle free time to chew on toys. On bad days he might get non. So I want to avoid any possible infections that could be caused by a dirty leather muzzle.

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    Besides keeping the leather clean (any saddle shop can tell you that) what about, at least for now, wrapping gauze around the part that is against the wounds, so you can soften it, and change out the gauze regularly?
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    The leather muzzle does not touch the wounds. I'm more worried about longterm use of the muzzle and becoming dirty over time, as he'll need a muzzle for life.

    I'll call my friend who has horses to see what she says, Thanks Karen!


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