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Thread: PT prayers neded, please

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    Awww. RIP Gizmo. and Hugs to his family.

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    great news!!!

    My activity associate, Janie, has just in the last couple of days adopted two brother & sister kittens! They are coal black with copper eyes and their names are Niko ( the boy) and Sophie (the girl).They're 12 weeks old and (so far ) in very good health. Niko and Sophie couldn't have gotten a better home, and I'm sure Gizmo will be watching out for them.

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    Aww, hopefully they will stay inside and safe!
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    How good and sweet.. Gizmo's legacy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by david p View Post
    Thank you PTers for all all your prayers concerning Gizmo. Unfortunately Gizmo was found hit by a car last friday about a mile from his home. He's now in the best home, the Rainbow Bridge.
    Oh, I am so sorry to see this. Am sending condolences to Gizmo's family, this is so sad.

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    OMG I am so sorry David. I know how much you loved Gizmo. Xoxoxo

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