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Thread: What breed?

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    What breed?

    This is my best friend's dog, Bella, she's a rescue and she's almost seven years old! She's the little brown one next to the greyhound on the pictures (so you get an idea of her size). Does anyone have an idea of what breeds could be in her? She was adopted from the shelter at the age of 7 months and at the time, the shelter said she was a German Shepherd, Griffon and Lab mix, because they thought she would grow much bigger. In the end though she remained tiny!
    My friend and I definitely think she has a lot of terrier in her, because of her personnality, she's feisty and crazy and loves digging. She's also very vocal and excited. Any guesses, anyone?
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    I would say German Shepherd and wire-coated Jack Russell - her face is very shepherd as well as her coloring, but given her size, and the texture of her coat, that would be my guess! The digging is very JRT, and the vocal is true of both breeds!
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    I could see shepherd and golden and probably terrier.
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    What breed? Australian Blue Heeler???

    Google pics of the blue heeler, some of them are colored just like him, not all are grey/black. That's what he looks like to me anyway.

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    A good 'ol heinz 57 terrier mix But 100% cute!

    There are DNA tests you can have done if you (or your friend) are truly curious. Keep in mind though, sometimes they are spot on, but other times they are waaaaay out in left field. If you're interested in this route, consider doing the blood test over the cheek swab, as this tends to be "more accurate".

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    Definitely reminds a German Shepard, but I really do not know what else. Maybe there's some Jack Russel there? A DNA test could give you the answer.

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    yes, its good to insured the German Shepherd breed dog. Also i like this German Shepherd breed dog.


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