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Thread: Lovely surprise during a sleet shower

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    Lovely surprise during a sleet shower

    The sound of ice pelting the window suddenly startled me. However, I noticed the sun was still shining low in the west, so I headed to the backyard that faced north/northeast and this is what I found...

    Thankful for the gorgeous sight, but really not ready for winter...

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    Beautiful, thank you for taking the photos and sharing with us.
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    Lovely! Thank you.
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    Such a gorgeous shot, and the sleet that caught the light looks like stars instead!

    Two rainbows arc across a stormy sky,
    One a fainter echo set against blue-grey clouds
    Ice shines like th'eternal stars winking through
    And autumn-flamed trees below capture the late sun
    Only a Michigan sky in October can yield.
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    Wow, terrific pictures. Thanks for capturing them & for sharing.
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