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Thread: If it's not one thing, ....

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    If it's not one thing, ....

    I have car care coupons from when I bought the XB. So yesterday, I had the car serviced at Toyota. As usual, you don't get out of there without paying for something. Car battery needed to be replaced and so do the tires. I just don't have the money!

    I did replace the battery because it did have a few rough starts earlier, perhaps when we had an early chill. But that means I am behind again. I just can't win!

    Rant over. I will prevail. Need more work!
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    I know this all too well... last week I got stranded with a dead battery and thought I had just left my lights on or something. Easy fix, just a new battery, right? Nope! My alternator was going out, causing the battery to die. After spending 3x what I had expected to spend, I'm back on the road, but my wallets a lot lighter. *sigh*

    Sending you positive vibes that nothing else keeps you from getting caught up!
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    Just try to remember it won't be like this forever! But I am sorry it is like this now. ((hugs))
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