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Thread: UPDATE: Alleged abuser arrested! re: Petition to Craigslist CEO: Stop posting "free pet" ads

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    UPDATE: Alleged abuser arrested! re: Petition to Craigslist CEO: Stop posting "free pet" ads

    This is a petition posted on by Joyel Ennis of Boston: Tell Craigslist to stop posting ads by people wanting to give away pets and only allow registered shelters and rescues to post adoptable pets. (Craigslist already prohibits the sale of such animals.)

    Here is the petition:

    Craigslist is notorious as a site where ignorant and/or uncaring people post their "Free to good homes" ads. Those ads are everywhere that Craigslist is.

    As a result, it really serves as a go-to source for people who want to get animals for... "research"... or to use as bait for training their fighting dogs... or who are just inherently vicious and cruel and like to do harm to innocent and defenseless creatures..

    I was glad to sign the petition. I don't know if these on-line things to sign really do much good, but I am passing on the info here in the hopes of getting the word out further and, maybe, at least beginning to get Craigslist to make some changes in their policy.


    P.S., According to the petition's web page, there are already more than 120,000 signatures!!! Please circulate this information and keep 'em coming!
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