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Thread: Dog folks in or near Oklahoma ...

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    Dog folks in or near Oklahoma ...

    Know anyone who would give my friend's dog a new home?

    They are a young family, just had their first baby, but that is not why they are trying to find one of their dogs new home. Jess, the Dad, was a pastor intern at my church, and his wife is a church organist. Hey is now a full time minister. Their two dogs decided they disliked each other, there were fights, and they have been keeping them separated for some time. Yes, given time and training and effort, the two dogs might live together peaceably, but while they have good hearts, they don;t have the time or enegr to devote to the situation.
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    What a shame the two dogs don't along.

    I hope they'll be able to find a new home for the new one. You know, pictures always help.

    Good luck to them!

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