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Thread: Clover and her shopping basket of treats

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    Clover and her shopping basket of treats

    Clover went shopping today and filled her basket with treats...(I need a life apparently)

    Zeke, Clover, Loki, Shadow and Pixel

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    Awwww, Clover! If your person serves you a treat from your shopping basket, I'll be happy to put another one in the basket for you You are very beautiful!
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    Hee hee - that's a cat-sized shopping basket, mom!
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    She happily ate all the treats lol. Also I tried it with Pixel but she kept trying to eat it, then grab it with front paws and scratch with back.

    Zeke, Clover, Loki, Shadow and Pixel

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    LOL cute.

    i was expecting her to be in a shopping cart with a few treats around her type of thing
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    She is such a beautiful girl, and she looks so proud carrying her basket with treats. Enjoy them, Clover!

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