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Thread: Cities to visit on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND - suggestions?

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    Cities to visit on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND - suggestions?

    Anywhere in the United States: We have Vegas and San Francisco on the list. I'd prefer warm weather. Decent enough to walk around without having to wear a coat! My husband told me to pick anywhere to go to - and we're going to book it this weekend. It'll be our actual honeymoon trip - for 4 days. We'd be flying from Cleveland to... ? I feel that while the flight prices are "cheap" at the moment - I want us to take advantage of it and go enjoy ourselves. We deserve it.

    We love nature and exploring the outdoors. We enjoy good food & drinks too. We just like to be OUTSIDE. Mike's not a fan of the beach weather, but we do already have a vacation with the family to Myrtle Beach in July so... suggestions?
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    Tahoe is great for outdoor activities. We have been going on hikes and bike rides when we go.
    We have a condo in South Lake Tahoe, CA and go up every other month.
    Plus you have the city aspect with the casino's and lots of restaurants.
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    Washington D.C. has a lot to see and do, a lot walking on the mall and all the Smithsonian Museums, National Gallery included are there!

    If you go to Las Vegas, there are a lot of show and more animal things than you might think, and not far from the city are petrogylphs in the desert which are fascinating to see!
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    On Memorial Day Washington DC used to have "Rolling Thunder", a motorcycle ride in honor of veterans. We caught it quite by accident in 1990; came out of the Smithsonian to see hundreds and hundreds of bikes!
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