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    What a beautiful girl you are! I also have a short haired tortie, but not as colorful as you. Like you, she is very independent, and quite a funny gal. I hope you have a long life with your family. Happy COTD also.

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    Dearest Mable, what a beautiful Tortie girl you are! Your color pattern is gorgeous, and you have the sweetest face with those lovely pale green eyes. How nice that you and your sister Flossie got adopted together and get to keep each other company, and that your Purrrents know your brother found a good home too.

    You are not only beautiful but also brave and independent. How thoughtful of you to take care of your humans so well, by bringing them whatever you catch on your hunts and by killing that dangerous rat invader even though it bit you and you had to wear a Cone afterwards! And you can always tell when one of your humans is upset, and then you know just what to do to cheer him or her up. What a delightful love-filled home you all share!

    Congratulations, darling Mable, on being selected today's Cat of the Day! We hope you and Flossie and your whole family are enjoying a fine day of celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite treats and games, perhaps even some new wrapping paper to tear up!

    I've been Frosted (thanks, Elyse and Karen!).

    I meant," said Ipslore bitterly, "what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
    Death thought about it.
    "Cats," he said eventually. "Cats are nice."

    -- Terry Pratchett, Sourcery

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    Mable what a stunning girl you are!!!

    I loved seeing your sweet face on my computer. You wear the colors of autumn, my favorite season. You wear them wonderfully too. It must be so much fun having you for a friend. Please thank your family for sharing you with us. I hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest.

    Congratulations, sweet Mable, on being our very special Cat of the Day!!!
    No matter what anyone does, someone some where will be offended some how!!!!
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    Beautiful Mabel!

    Hi Mable! Happy Cat of the Day! Congrats on nabbing "top cat" honors! What a gorgeous Torti girl you are! Your emerald green eyes are absolutely stunning, the perfect contrast to your black and gold coat! Oh, what a stealth hunter/defender of family you are, ever on the look out for the stray, unwelcome creature. But be careful out there, sweetheart! We don't want you getting injured, and wearing those silly looking cones, no fun! Great thanks to your family for keeping you and sister Flossie together, and it's wonderful as well, knowing that your brother found his way to a loving forever home too! You're a beauty, Mable, inside and out, and your family so very lucky to have a loyal protector, a loving companion, a best friend in you! Hope you're enjoying your big day on center stage, sweet baby girl, celebrating to the max with sister Flossie and all of your adoring humans! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, beautiful Mable!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    You're a beauty Mable!!! I love your eyes! Congrats on being COTD!

    Forever in my heart...Casey,Ginger,Corey,Mandy,Sassy,Lacey
    ~Merry Christmas~
    *I've been Frosted*

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    Hello Mable in the UK, it's a pleasure to meet you. What lovely colors you have in your coat--very pretty girl. I enjoyed reading about you and hope you have many more years with your family. Congrats on being COTD!


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