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Thread: Introducing Loki! new pics

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    Introducing Loki! new pics

    Today we picked up Loki!
    (I'll get better pictures soon!)

    Clover wasn't sure what to think. She decided she wanted to play but I didn't want Loki to be afraid of her so we're keeping them apart for now.

    He's already a pretty big boy. I think he's about 15 lbs or so?
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    Awww, so cute! Welcome to Pet Talk, Loki! You've landed yourself in the best kind of home - a Pet Talk home where you will be loved forever! Now, you listen to Clover, she may be a girl, but she knows lots about how to be good dog!
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    Welcome to PT Loki!!! I almost died from the cuteness!!!

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    What a cutie pie. Please give him a smooch on the head from me. His fur looks sooooo soft.
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    More pictures today:

    He's starting to play with Clover. Clover runs away and he tries to chase her.

    I'm not sure...but I think he tried to drink from Clover...he keeps going to her belly lol.

    Zeke, Clover, Loki and Shadow

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    I literally "AWWWWW'ed" out loud, oh my god!

    Watch out I am going to steal that little cutie face
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