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OMG! Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty Precious! Please someone help her! OMG!
This cat is not with a rescue group as a rescue is trying to help her owner! Please Help Precious, Please!!!!!!

Please help Precious find her forever home. We are helping this lady... Here is her sad story:

About 2 years ago I rescued a 2 week old kitten (her name is Precious) from certain death, and bottle raised her for a "friend" of mine. As she got older, I noticed that her back legs were not working very well. I just thought it was normal since she was so young, and it was normal for being a only few... weeks old.

At about 4 weeks I grew concerned. She still had trouble walking. So I took her to the vet. The vet diagnosed her with cerebellar hypoplasia.

The vet said that during gestation the mother cat may have been exposed to the distemper virus, causing her cerebellum to not fully develop causing her back legs to be paralyzed.

Well, I was not willing to give up on her. I am so glad that I didn't because she ended up having so much more control of her back legs that as she grew up, she was almost as fast as my other cats!

So, at 9 weeks my friend officially adopted her, and as far as I knew everything was working out, and that was about 2 years ago. Then about 2 months ago, the "friend" came to my house and said I had to take her back. She dropped her off at my door and left.

I now have 4 cats in a 600 square foot apartment. So I had to take her to the SPCA, and for a fee I thought they would take her in and find her a home. They called the day after I dropped her off and said that I had to pick her back up because they could not get her out of the carrier that I brought her in, and she was too scared in that type of environment. In a more relaxed environment she is a wonderful cat and gets along with everyone.

The SPCA said that they would end up having to put her to sleep because she would not thrive at their facility, and it would be bad for her health as she is special needs. They also told me that the animal shelter would most likely do the same. She had never been at a place like that before, and I'm sure she was scared.

I am writing to you in hopes that you can PLEASE help me. If I don't get help somewhere, she will be put to sleep. She doesn't deserve that. Just because she is not like other cats doesn't mean she is a lost cause. She needs help, and I'm afraid that no one will take her because she is "special needs".

**If you know of anyone that can give her a forever home, contact Street Cat Rescue!

Here's contact info Street Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 2524
Round Rock, TX 78680
Phone: (512) 762-3597
Email: [email protected] streetcatrescue (AT) earthlink (DOT) net