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Thread: Lays Potato Chips Being Sold On E-bay

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    Lays Potato Chips Being Sold On E-bay

    I went grocery shopping tonight around 10pm. It was nice because there weren't very many people. When I was walking down the snacks & chips isle a woman wanted to share some good news with me. She was so excited because she just found 1 bag of Lays Chicken & Waffles potato chips. She said that of the 3 newest flavors that this one is the best and they're very hard to find. She also said that e-bay is selling them for $30 a bag. A friend of hers was ready to buy a bag on e-bay. I've never been a big potato chip fan and I certainly would never pay $30 a bag for any flavor. Have any of you ever tried them? Are they really that good? I looked them up on e-bay and here's what I found:
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    I never heard of that flavor of chips, but I can assure you that I would have to be starving to death before I'd pay that for a bag of chips. I guess some people just have more money than brains!
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    One person wrote on Amazon

    "Charging $18 (or $22 on the website!) for one bag of chips that you're intentionally under-producing and advertising constantly is completely reprehensible. These are shameful business practices,Frito-lay. "

    I totally agree with him/her. Even if they are super yummy (which I wouldn't know as I'm a Brit) I would never, ever, pay those prices.

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    It's not Lay's who are creating the price jumps, it's individual sellers. In the grocery store they're still the same price.

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    I have heard of the new flavors, including that one, and they are part of a campaign to find the 'new flavor' of chips. I would think they were limited editions as they are just out long enough to find which one is the most popular of the three. It's not wrong; it's marketing. It's not shameful, no one is being deprived of a necessary food source, THEY'RE POTATO CHIPS!!!

    I, myself, would never buy the flavor. Give me plain, barbecued, crab seasoned, and occasionally sour cream & onion flavored. That's as adventurous as I go...and I'm not paying over market price for any of them.

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    A girl I work with paid a pretty penny on ebay for Hershey Kisses, the candy cane ones, last year long after Christmas was over.
    I like them too and stock up but hey, when Christmas is over, move on to Easter candy!

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