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    Do they make catalytic converters for dogs' butts?

    Love ya pup, but....WOW!!!

    (You know it's bad when she stinks herself off the couch)

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    Thanks for the LOL!!!!
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    Oy! gotta figure out what her "aromatic triggers" are! We knew ham & Lady = odiferous results ...
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    Ha ha! Yeah right, blame the dog!

    My RB Lacey could clear out a room!

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    LOL, sounds like my Zoee!
    My mom gives the dogs a tablespoon of yogurt (Activia to be specific, but I think any brand would work) and it helps with the gas issues.
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    It's my dad's opinion that it's related to her part bulldog heritage. He had a bulldog when he was a kid who would stink himself out of the room, much to my grandmother's dismay.

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    What an interesting thread!!!

    My son once had a Sheltie, and even if she was in a roomful of other dogs when she cut loose, you could always tell that she was the one that did it. She would jump up real quick and stick her nose where it came from. It was quite humorous to watch. Maybe it felt funny to her - who knows why she did it, but she never failed.
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    Funny enough, I once asked the vets about this very issue - and one of them said that, because their mouths are so wide, bulldogs (and pugs) tend to take in a lot of air when they eat, and of course what goes in, must come out! The only "remedy" is to slow down their eating if possible, by adding a large rock or something they have to eat around in their food dish ...
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    ^ yep. or an other bowls if you go looking for them
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    Thanks, Vette.

    Worth a shot, our noses could use a break.


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