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Thread: Doggy Day out at a friends place "Titan and Blaze"

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    Doggy Day out at a friends place "Titan and Blaze"

    So a friend of mine has two kids who are crazy about dogs, we decided they should meet and it was a blast for us, the kids and the dogs. Titan wore a bow tie i got him and he looked handsome, Blaze we a walking ball of fluff and yes she gained a bit of weight after her surgery and is on a diet as we speak. They ran all day and by sunset they were both too tired to even have a drink of water, well Blaze was mostly Titan still had a bit of energy left since he's the super hyper one, they both did great with the kids and were super gentle. Now i will leave you with the tons of pictures i took that day, hope you all enjoy them

    Titan looking sharp with his bow tie!

    Pretty Blaze


    Blaze out of energy

    My big, handsome boy

    Begging for a treat

    I love the bow tie on him!

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    Pictures, round two

    More pictures..

    Blaze enjoying her treat

    Here we come!

    Titan catches treats when thrown to him, snapped this photo a second before one was thrown, his expression..priceless lol

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    Your pups are just exquisite! Thank you for sharing them with us.

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    Beautiful dogs! I enjoyed all the photos very much.

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    Yay, yay! There are beautiful Titan and Blaze! Titan, you are fluffy and handsome, and you look very nice in your bow tie! And Blaze, you are fluffy and gorgeous as always! Could you please have Mooshi give you some big hugs and snuggles from me! I'm glad you had a fun time at your friend's doggie day, and that I got to see these pictures!
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    It's nice to see Titan and Blaze! It looks like they had a fun day! I just love both of your dogs but would steal Blaze in a heartbeat!!!

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