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Thread: Well trained puppies?

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    Well trained puppies?

    Lady has trained her human puppies all too well.

    We had Gumbo for dinner tonight, and we normally let Lady have the plates after dinner (yeah, I know, no need to lecture, it'd be ignored anyway)

    MJ (the older of the two human puppies) asked to be done, and I looked over to see. She had a little bit of gumbo and rice left in the bowl........with a large piece of chicken.

    I told her she could be done, but she had to eat the chicken first.

    He excuse? "But I was saving the chicken for Lady, she didn't bother me at all during dinner!"

    Who's training who?

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    Yup - I'd say that Lady has her puppies trained very well. Good girl, Lady!

    So what's the problem with licking the plate? A frequent practice in this house...........
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    Hee hee, she is my niece!
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    Smart little girl.

    Forever in my heart...

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    I think Lady's human puppies are very well trained! And thoughtful too

    If Cassie Cat could talk, she would say I should take a lesson from the human puppy on the importance of serving her chicken!
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    lol. Just be sure to teach the human puppies that things like grapes and onions are poisonous to dogs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IRescue452 View Post
    lol. Just be sure to teach the human puppies that things like grapes and onions are poisonous to dogs.
    They know, trust me! We were all well schooled on such things as kids, and pass it to the next generation!
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    I must confess, however, that the puppies aren't the only members of the household she has well trained.....

    She picks who is going to let her out after she has her supper. Most nights she sits there and stares at me. Anyone can let her in, but evidently letting her out is MY job.

    She lets me know when I've been up too long and it's time for bed.

    If I'm home alone with her I need to go out WITH her.

    She has all her humans well trained!


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