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Thread: My Oatmeal Loves Me! - and cold weather foods

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    My Oatmeal Loves Me! - and cold weather foods

    I often default to oatmeal as my warm food for cold days. I make my own in the microwave, cheaper and more customizable than the instant stuff, and doesn't take much time. I usually put dates or raisins, brown sugar, salt and several shakes of cinnamon, and microwave it, and the cinnamon ends up on top to be stirred in. But today I opened the door to find this:

    What food do you like on cold, grey days?
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    Wow! A heart--how pretty. Yes, on cold days I often have oatmeal. I also buy a big container of oatmeal rather than little packs. I like to mix oatmeal + milk + fruit such as cherries + Splenda and cook it together in the microwave--so good. Makes me want some right now but I'll wait until morning.

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    Karen, so glad you took a photo of that heart!

    I have oatmeal for breakfast most days. I use the 1 minute quick oats. While that 1 minute is happening, I chop up a banana into my bowl, along with some frozen blueberries, and frozen cherries. Then the oatmeal goes on top. A bit of milk to help cool it down (if needed, the frozen berries often do the trick) and sometimes a little maple syrup. YUM!
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    Oh - how neat, Karen. I love oatmeal, but unfortunately it doesn't like me and my modified digestive system. I have to get my oatmeal fix in the form of cookies, but that's not too difficult to deal with.
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