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Thread: Cleaning a whale bone - question

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    Cleaning a whale bone - question

    Long story, but I have a whale vertebra from the arctic as a surprise for a friend's husband (they are chiropractors - lol). This thing is rather weathered, and came from a hunting village in Fort Resolute, export permit and all. It's not new!

    Anyway, it does need a bit of a cleanup. I found a really good site on this and I can get oxygen bleach, and the instructions are to mix a lot of the bleach (or 12% hydrogen peroxide, which I can't find in a large container) and top it up with water and leave the bone to soak in a plastic container for a few days.

    Not sure I have a large enough container, but will check.

    I had also thought of using a spray bottle of the bleach and a soft-medium brush to clean it.

    Any ideas?

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    Yikes, I would email someone at I am sure they could guide you, as your goal is cleaning AND preserving!
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