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Thread: Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax

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    Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax

    This is so sad, and at the same time so strange. Was he in on the hoax? Is it possible to be in a relationship for that long but never actually see the person? It doesn't seem "doable" to me, but I'm from a different generation t han Manti Te'o. If the girlfriend was not a real person, who was he exchanging phone calls and online contacts with? And why would the person posing as the girlfriend do such a thing? Strange.
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    Truly bizarre no matter how you look at it, though I've heard nothing but snippets here and there from listening to sports radio during my short commute.

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    It is all very, very strange, and sad for him. I imagine the perpetrators got a kick out of "fooling" him, but really, you'd think someone's conscience would have kicked in before it went on as long as it did!
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