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    Hi Kimber, and Happy DOTD to you. Wow, you had a close call. I'm so glad you pulled through and can enjoy chasing birds and squirrels and that pesky black and white "kitty". Enjoy your day!!
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    Hi Kimber, it's a pleasure to meet such a smart handsome dog as you! I totally enjoyed reading about you and all the smart things you do. I think you have trained your humans very well LOL and it's obvious that they love you very much. In one photo, I see binoculars; do you use them? I wouldnt be surprised if you did seeing as how smart you are. I can just see you now running all over those 14 acres and having great fun. However, you'd better leave the skunk alone LOL. You really do sound like a great dog and I hope you have many more years with your family. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Hello, Kimber and your orange kitty friend! Kimber, I am so glad you made it through your health scare! Now you are a healthy, busy girl. I enjoyed reading about all the things you do in a day - hunting, checking on your acreage, coaxing your people outside to play, and then taking a rest and enjoying a treat. That's a full day! I agree with your person, I wouldn't be able to resist your face either Happy Dog of the Day to you, pretty Kimber!
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    Super Kimber!

    Hi Kimber! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart!
    What a gorgeous girl you are, quite the model (love that classic Pointer pose), and SO smart! I'm with Kay...I do believe those are YOUR binoculars! (Probably used for scoping out those pesky intruders, that elusive "black and white kitty," from the comfort of your recliner!)
    What a frightening health scare you had, sweetheart! But thankfully you've fully recovered, back to your healthy and happy self, wiling away the day chasing all of those pesky critters, patrolling your 14 acres, running your heart out, emptying out your treat ball...enjoying your kitty pal and people to the max!
    What a precious gift your Daddy was given that happy Father's Day, in fact your entire family is blessed having a beautiful, joyful, fun loving best friend in you, Kimber! And oh yes, I sure did enjoy meeting your spotty self...You're the best!
    Hope you're enjoying a very busy, adventure and fun filled Dog of the Day, sweet baby girl, being spoiled rotten! You sure deserve it!
    Lots of love, hugs and smoochies to you, beautiful Kimber, and to your precious kitty pal, too!

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    Hurrray for Kimber, such a fine lookin' DOTD! No wonder you adore him so much. So sorry about the skunk man, YUCK!! Sure loved all the photos of Kimber, lotsa kisses to him! Peace and love

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    Oooops! Boy, crud


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