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Thread: Pray for Dazzi

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    Pray for Dazzi

    Took Dazzi to the vet today. She has been loosing weighit, not eating well, and seemed to be acting like she had another bladder infection. The vet said there was no crystals in the urine but they were still waiting to look at it under the microscope. But while examing her she noticed that her heart murmur was much more noticeable and we talked about doing a work up to see what exactly was wrong. But the urine sample came back with "rods" in it which means she has a worse infection than if it had been crystals. So for right now she is going to give her stronger antibiotic and see if that makes her feel better. If not we will have to start doing the heart workup sooner - she is hoping to wait until the infection is gone. Dazzi will turn 13 this year (April) and I can't hardly stand the thought of losing her. She has been such a great pup!

    Please pray for my pupper!

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    Awww, prayers on the way for feisty Dazzi! And a hug for you, too!
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    Loving thoughts and prayers for Dazzi
    Lilith Cherry
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    Prayers and hugs and positive energy for all of you

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    Poor Dazzi, prayers and good thoughts on the way. {{hugs}}

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    Prayers & positive thoughts for Dazzi. Hope the stronger meds make the difference.
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