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Thread: I better introduce my girl......

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    I better introduce my girl......

    Seems she has been here 5 weeks lol.

    About 5 weeks ago i inquired about a Border Collie pup that was being given away, i could not help myself and just out of curiosity went to meet her. Well long story short the following night i went and picked her up and bought her home. Her name was Dora but she now goes by Dawes/ Dawesey. She is about 6 months old so i have missed her little baby stage .

    It has taken her a bit to fully settle in but now it is like she has been here forever. I adore her, she is cute, crazy, nuts, but gorgeous. she is certainly not what i would have picked for another BC, for one she is a girl and i swore i'd only have boys from now on lol. And i prefer mainly blacks and certainly no blue eyes. It was meant to be and now i think she is the cutest.

    So introducing young Dawesey......

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    Second day home.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And tonight.
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    She is adorable! What a sweet and friendly face.

    I think I see why you fell in love with her.

    Looks like you need a new siggy.

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    She's gorgeous! Welcome to the best home Dawesey! <3

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    She's gorgeous! Welcome to Pet Talk, pretty girl, you've landed yourself in a great home!
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    Hello, Dora Dawesey! What a pretty girl you are!
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    What a pretty girl you are Dawesy! Welcome to PT
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    Dawes is so adorable! Been enjoying her pics on FB, good to see her here at Pet Talk!

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    She's cute... love her eyes. She sure looks at home on the couch

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    She is lovely!!!! Congrats on your new girl.
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    Congrats!! I LOVE her!! and her eyes...ahh gorgeous
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    She is beautiful! I love her eyes! She looks like she's fitting in perfectly
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    Thanks everyone, she is a good kid .
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    She's so pretty! Congratulations on the new addition!

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    Congrats!!! She's adorable. I happen to love blue eyes.
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    Just a couple more photos of her and the others from this evening .
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