Rescue efforts underway right now for 5 Special Needs Kitties!
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2 (Bambi and Thumper) are Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats,
1 (Squak) has a neurological issue somewhat similar to CH as well as depth perception issues. He may have Cerebellar Abiotrophy but it's unknown.
1 (Purrseus) has has an old injury or birth defect to his paw/lower arm, though he uses it for balance,
1(Cookie Monster) has gone blind due to damage from a Hartz flea collar:

The rescue of these 5 cats are in the works now to get them to safety and under the wings of West Side Cats in Youngstown Ohio.

The goal seems high, but this is to raise money for ground transport from Chicago Illinois to Youngstown Ohio which is an 806-mile round trip journey to safety.
Also, the funds raised will assist with vetting and care while under the protection of 501 C 3 Rescue West Side Cats til furever homes are found