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Thread: How to treat a cough of a cat?

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    How to treat a cough of a cat?

    I am looking at my cat and it seems that she has a cough ... I don't know what to give her... please tell me...thanks...

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    Thanks for asking. However, none of us are vets here though we have a couple of vet techs. Please make an appointment at your vet to make sure it's nothing serious. Let us know what you find out!
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    I agree, you need to get the cat in to the vet for a check on this.
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    This COULD be something needing to be tended to immediately. If it is 'kennel cough' or FCV, which my kitty is a carrier of, it is very contagious and very serious. Please seek vet attention as soon as possible and let us know how your kitty is doing.

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