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Thread: You can lead a cat to water ...

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    Mine drink out of the Cat-it fountain. Sam played too much with the 360 fountain and the filters didn't work that well.

    one of my brother's cat has to drink out of a tall glass. It's something mom started and the Louie insists on a glass.
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    Mordred must have channeled my Merlin early on; when he was here (at the Bridge now), Merlin would jump up onto the vanity in the bathroom and insist I turn the faucet on - but not until I'd come out of the shower! He'd sit on the vanity and look toward the shower; once I was safely out, he'd turn and drink. And Mordred does the same thing. But Mordred also insists that I turn the faucet on whenever he wants it on. He'll sit on the vanity, next to the bathroom door, and, if I pass by, he'll meow loudly to let me know he's there. (Well, after all, there's no window in there, and he's mostly black. . . what's a guy to do??) He's even been known to reach out a paw and grab me as I walk by! There's an expensive fountain in the kitchen, but we'll ignore that - we must have absolutely fresh water directly from the faucet. (Lots of fun in the a.m.,when I'm trying to brush my teeth! LOL)

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